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Eminence in Healthcare: Where Excellence and Care Converge for Optimal Health Outcomes.

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Amrita Hospital, Faridabad shines as a beacon of superior healthcare, widely recognized across South Asia. Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care has magnetized a group of eminent, highly skilled medical professionals. With a relentless pursuit of excellence as our guiding principle, we uphold the most stringent standards of medical treatments, always aiming to secure the best possible health outcomes for our patients.

  • 2600+
    Bed Capacity
  • 534
    Smart ICUs and Critical Care Beds
  • 64
    Fully Networked Modular Operation Theatres

Our Departments & Centers


The Department of Radiology at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad is one of the most advanced centres equipped with state-of-the-art high-performance imaging infra-structure and expert experienced radiologists providing comprehensive and advanced diagnostic and interventional radiological services.

General Surgery

Department of General Surgery at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, is a Broad Speciality offering a wide variety of services. It is equipped with Minor Operation Theatres, Critical Care (SICU) and Major Operation Theatres. It is also gearing up to train both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students at Amrita School of Medicine Faridabad.


The Department of Dermatology at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, offers services to diagnose and treat skin diseases including those of children.

Pulmonary Medicine

The Department of Pulmonary Medicine at Amrita Hospital Faridabad is a center of excellence and is a one of its kind, state of the art department providing the best, Respiratory, Critical care, sleep disorders and Allergy services in this part of the country.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) at Amrita hospital, Faridabad, is one of the extensive Rehabilitation Centre in the country where comprehensive medical rehabilitation services are available for short- and long-term occurrence to provide the highest quality of care for a wide variety of patients worldwide.

Support Services

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Amrita Clinical Laboratory Services

Offering the most comprehensive laboratory with the best advancements in technology.

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Nursing Services

Delivering the best possible care and treatments to patients in a morally responsible and compassionate manner.

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The Center for Digital Health (CDH)

Facilitating multidisciplinary medical training of international caliber.

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Our pharmaceutical services cater to the needs of outpatients and inpatients.

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Skilled dieticians take care of your health by tending to its nutritional needs.

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Transfusion Medicine / Blood Bank

We collect and test your blood samples and process hematopoietic stem cells with the utmost care and in a very responsible manner.

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Accreditations & Certifications



Amrita Hospital is the first university teaching hospital to get NABH accreditation in the country.  The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish and operate an accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. NABH accreditation is an assurance that healthcare providers meet specific standards of patient safety and care. It is widely recognized as a symbol of quality in the healthcare industry and can foster credibility and trust between healthcare organizations, patients, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders.



The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) is a board that operates under the Quality Council of India. It is responsible for providing accreditation to testing and calibration laboratories in India, and for promoting the quality of testing and calibration services in the country. By achieving NABL accreditation, our laboratory has demonstrated its ability to perform accurate and reliable tests and measurements, and to ensure that its results are traceable to national or international standards. NABL accreditation also indicates that the laboratory has implemented a quality management system that adheres to international standards and best practices.

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Recent News

News . 14 May 2024
Amrita Hospital announced a new initiative, Amrita Mahila Swasthya Shakti Abhiyan
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08 May 2024

Translational Conversations 1st seminar at the Amrita Research Center

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30 Apr 2024

Amrita Hospital Faridabad Opens Doors to Specialised Centre of Excellence for Adult Vaccination

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18 Apr 2024

Viral Hepatitis is a Public Health Problem India Requiring Urgent Attention, Say Doctors


14 Oct 2023 . 00:00

2 Day UK Certified ECHO & ECG Workshop

Healing for the Soul, Unlocking the Secrets to Recovery

Connect to our expert doctors, who share their insights and knowledge to help you heal and recover. From practical tips to inspiring stories, we offer a wealth of information to help you heal faster and get back to a healthy, happy life. Join us on our journey to better health.

1:19 mins
What is Cardiac MRI ?Dr. Tanmay Sandeepak Kulkarni, Amrita Hospital
7:49 mins
World Cancer Day 2023Dr. Saphalta Baghmar, Amrita Hospital
1:47 mins
World Hearing Day 2023 Dr. Neeraj. N. Mathur, Amrita Hospital
4:18 mins
The importance of having a balanced and nutritious dietDr. Swetha Sunil, Amrita Hospital
3:44 mins
Epilepsy Purple Day 2023Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal, Amrita Hospital
1:42 mins
World Haemophilia Day 2023Dr. Pravas Chandra Mishra , Amrita Hospital
2 min
World Asthma Day 2023Arjun Khanna, Amrita Hospital Faridabad

Patient Stories

Mr. Ajay Kumar Das underwent surgery for Prostate Cancer

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Ms. Amel Jawad Kadhim from Iraq underwent revision surgery for Spine issues

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Smt. Ram Kaur Chauhan, underwent hip replacement surgery

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Deep Brain Stimulation surgery

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Parkinson's Disease treatment by Dr. Sanjay Pandey

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Mr. Ramesh Raj Pokharel from Nepal underwent Rectal tumor surgery

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Bilateral total knee replacement surgery for Mrs. Laj Kharbanda

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Laparoscopic surgery for multiple fibroids

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Bypass Surgery performed by Dr. Sameer Bhate for Mr. B D Sharma

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Three-time Olympian, Arjuna awardee, Sanjeev Rajpoot and his wife chose Amrita Hospital

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