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For the past 15 years Amrita hospital has specialized in high quality Neuro-rehabilitation. For a decade those with neurological damage have had miraculous recovery with Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. This is the first in Kerala under Physiatry and the largest in the state. Seven years ago robotic rehabilitation was added to expedite early and high functioning discharge for all patients. Now Amrita Hospital, Kochi inaugurates a robotic gait trainer system, revolutionizing the rehabilitation process for individuals recovering from brain and spinal injuries. The Robotic Gait Trainer, inaugurated by P. Rajeev, Minister for Industries, Law and Coir, offers a groundbreaking solution by not just retraining walking, but correct walking. Many brain injury survivors walk, but in an abnormal way. This device trains them so they can walk longer, and with less dependence.

Minister P. Rajeev expressed his appreciation for such innovative advancements that significantly enhance the quality of life by offering convenient treatment options for patients. The event witnessed esteemed speakers including Dr. Prem Nair, Group Medical Director of Amrita Hospitals, Dr. Ravi Sankaran, Head, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Subramanya Iyer, Chairman, Department of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Utilizing artificial intelligence, this innovative system facilitates rapid progress in walking while ensuring patient safety. Those wishing to avail the service may be ward patients, guesthouse based, or even come from home. They can even avail extra services to facilitate their recovery like neural therapy (only center in India doing this), non-invasive brain stimualtion, and multimodal spasticity managment. Addressing the bigger picture in neurological injuries allows for better longterm outcomes.

A notable feature of the G-gaiter system is its ability to create a dynamic environment resembling everyday scenarios, such as walking in a park or engaging in social activities like enjoying tea. This immersive virtual reality component not only distracts patients from the clinical setting but also instills confidence and alertness, contributing to their overall well-being.

Developed by Gen Robotics, a Kerala-based startup, the G-Gaiter system represents a significant milestone in rehabilitative care, aligning with Amrita Hospital's commitment to delivering state-of-the-art medical solutions to its patients.