Patient Stories

07 Dec 202211:04 mins

Cancer Survivor Sara Mammen

Ms. Sara Mammen, Kochi

07 Nov 20221:55 mins

Cancer Survivor Ms. Kala Joymon

Mrs. Kala Joymon, Kochi

04 Nov 20227:12 mins

Cancer Survivor Ms. Radha Thevannoor, Group Director, School of Management Studies (SCMS)

Ms. Radha Thevannoor, Kochi

25 Sep 20226:39 mins

A Life-Changing Tumor Surgery of Mr. Amar Samad

Mr. Amar Samad, Kochi

01 Oct 202119:25 mins

Surgeons Remove 5 kg Tumor from Majeed's Face

Mr. Majeed, Palakkad

28 Sep 202117:21 mins

14 kg Mass Removed from A Man's Thigh

Mr. Saidalavi, Kerala

02 Apr 20195:29 mins

Shreya - Asia's first upper arm double hand transplantation

Ms. Shreya Siddanagowder, Kerala

12 Jul 20185:37 mins

Patient Story of Eslam Ahmed from Yemen

Mr. Eslam Ahmed , Yemen

11 Jul 20173:47 mins

Patient Story of Abdullah Al Mamari from Oman

Mr. Abdullah Al Mamari, Oman

26 Apr 20172:38 mins

Patient Story of Yvette Bernardez from Philippines

Ms. Yvette Bernardez , Philippines

05 Apr 2021

Lincy Rajan Breast Cancer Stories

Lincy Rajan

23 Apr 2024

Shanthakumari Patient Testimony


21 Apr 2024

Patient Testimony | Biji V R

Biji V. R.

06 May 2024

Karthik's Survival Tale | Epilepsy


29 Apr 2024

From Coughs to Courage: Angith's Journey to Healing

Angith N.

02 May 2024

Angad's Journey: Finding Hope and Healing Through Balloon Therapy


15 May 2024

Romu's Journey Back to Normal with Oxygen Therapy