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Introduction - The New Age ER

The last few years has seen revolutionary changes in the field of emergency medicine in India. It has evolved from the "MBBS doctor/CMO" managed casualty to ER managed by trained Emergency Medicine Physicians. Amrita Hospital has been the torch bearer of this change with the first 3 year postgraduate training program (MD-Emergency Medicine) in Kerala. The Department of Emergency Medicine has grown into a reputed center for emergency care in India.

Facilities - "Our Armor to fight the diseases"

The department is visited by more than 25,000 patients per year.

Total Beds 36
Triage Area / Observation Area 18
Adult Resuscitation Area 6
Neonatal Resuscitation Area 1
Decontamination Area 1
Procedure Room 2
Emergency Critical Care Unit 8
  • Each of these areas are equipped with hydraulic/adjustable beds, compact and portable patient monitors, defibrillators, AEDs, infusion pumps, ventilators etc.
  • Our 24 x 7 in-hospital specialty services include emergency dialysis facility, cardiac pacing and emergency endoscopy.
  • Dedicated Ultrasonographic Machine for aiding diagnosis and also assisting emergency procedures.

Services - When should you think of us?

  • Emergency Room is the "point of first contact" to the hospital at the time of any medical crisis
  • Toxicological Emergencies: Snake Bite, Envenomation, Drug Overdose, Poisoning, etc.
  • Any Infections/Sepsis : Treatment Protocols initiated in the ER as per international guidelines/standards.
  • Cardiac Emergencies: Heart Attack (ACS), Heart Rhythm Problems (Arrhythmias), Cardiac Failure, etc.
  • Neurological Emergencies: Acute Stroke, Seizures, Headaches, etc.
  • Respiratory Emergencies: Severe Asthma/COPD, Pneumothorax, etc.
  • Environmental Emergencies, Burns, etc.
  • Surgical Emergencies
  • Accident/Trauma Care
  • Any Age, Any Time, Any Health related problem be it medical or surgical, we are there to help you... always !
  • ER Team also plays a lead role in hospital cardiac arrest management (Code Blue)

Ambulance Services  : Expertise on the Wheels

  • To transport critically ill patients to our centre for expert care. The ambulances are Mobile Intensive Care Units with advanced monitoring facilities and ventilators.
  • The Amrita Hospital Mobile ICU can be utilized by the general public and also as per requests from other hospitals who wish to shift a patient to our center.
  • The "Advanced Care - Ambulance Team" also includes a trained doctor, emergency technician, and a nurse who are well equipped to transfer critically ill patients.
  • Amrita Hospital Ambulance Services has several accolades in the recent past including:
  • Transport of donor liver from Thiruvananthapuram to Kochi in record time via road.
  • Transport of a ventilated patient  from Kochi to Ahmedabad.
  • Transport of twin babies, both on ventilator, in the same ambulance from Alappuzha to Amrita Hospital.

These are just a few highlights from the nearly 200 critically ill patients whom we transport every month.

All equipped ambulances are fully air-conditioned, spacious and with meticulously designed interiors meeting international standards.

Salient Features Include :

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Pulse Oxymeter (to check the oxygen level)
  • ET Co2 monitoring
  • Ventilator (respirator) for use in patients with respiratory failure
  • Defibrillator
  • Pacemaker if the patient has a "heart block" or Bradycardia.
  • Ambu- box containing life saving medicines and equipments.
  • The ICU ambulance is accompanied by an Emergency Physician, 2 Nurses and Ambulance Technician.

Supportive Services - Our Companions

  • Clinical Toxicology: Part of the Poison Control Centre (PCC), and offers unique facilities in the area of toxicology.
  • Blood Bank Services: 24 x 7 Blood and Blood products supply.
  • Pharmacy Services : 24 X 7 dedicated ER pharmacy
  • Trauma Operation Theatre: Functioning 24 x 7 within the department complex.
  • Radiological Services: CT / MRI and Interventional Radiology Support along with routine radiological imageries.
  • 24 X 7 backup from Interventional Cardiology Team.

Academic and Teaching Activities - Training to create a better tomorrow

MD Emergency Medicine Program
BSc Emergency Medical Technology

Disaster  Management and Rescue Missions - Against the odds

The department has actively taken part in the rescue and rehabilitation efforts during all the natural disasters which happened in the recent past. Its role in the health care support provided during the Gujarat Earthquake, the Karnataka Tsunami, the Andhra Floods and the Uttarakhand Flood was pivotal. Our Ambulances and team were actively involved in the acute disaster management efforts.

Extended Services - Our out-reach efforts

CIAL – Cochin International Airport : An  MI –Room has been established with 24 X 7 duty doctor, nursing and technician coverage. An equipped-ambulance is also stationed at the airport ready to transport critically ill patients at any time.
Sabarimala Hospital : The department also takes a lead role in running the emergency medical center located at Pamba during the Sabarimala season (Oct- Jan) every year. This facility is again equipped with ambulances and an ICU to take care of critically ill patients.

Awareness Videos

Snakes & Snake Bite Awareness
Emergency Medicine Experts Speak



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Email: emergencymedicine@aims.amrita.edu

Ambulance Services

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Fax: 0484 - 2856035
Email: ambulanceservices@aims.amrita.edu