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Diagnostic bronchoscopy:

  • Bronchial wash/lavage, TBNA, Fluroscope guided TBLB
  • Cryoprobe lung biopsy -: histopathological diagnosis of various forms of idiopathic interstitial pneumonias –(IIP/ILD)
  • Linear EBUS – TBNA -: For sampling of mediastinal lymph nodes and central airway tumours.
  • Radial EBUS -: For sampling of peripheral pulmonary lesions/ drainage of lung abscess)
  • Paediatric bronchoscopy

Interventional bronchoscopy:

  • Bronchial Thermoplasty (for uncontrolled Asthma)
  • Airway tumour debulking (using Argon plasma coagulation and cryotherapy)
  • Airway stenting (for benign and malignant causes)
  • whole lung lavage
  • Balloon Tracheobronchoplasty
  • Bronchoscopic Lung volume reduction for emphysema- Using endobronchial valves
  • Foreign body removal from the airways (Adult & Paediatric)

Patients with pleural effusions, mediastinal adenopathy and lung nodules or masses are also evaluated and treated in a multidisciplinary approach.

Pleural service facilities and procedures:

  • Medical Thoracoscopy (Flexi-rigid & Rigid)
  • Endoscopic management of persistent Broncho-Pleural fistula
  • Pleuryx catheter insertion
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (Thoracic surgical team)


Dr. Tinku Joseph K
Dr. Arvind Perathur


Phone : 0484 - 6688650 / 0484 - 2858650
Email : pulmonary@aims.amrita.edu