Life after a Heart Transplant

The heart of Kelvin who succumbed to Brain death will continue to beat through Shabeer

Kochi: 39 year old Shabeer had been suffering from end stage heart failure for close to 3 years. He had been diagnosed with heart failure 3 years ago at Kannur due the condition called dilated cardiomyopathy. He underwent medical treatment but gradually deteriorated to the stage where heart transplantation was the only option. He came to Amrita hospital, Kochi 1 year ago for further evaluation and treatment. After evaluation he was listed for heart transplant in the Kerala Network for Organ sharing (KNOS) registry. He rented a house close to the hospital and has been waiting fro a heart for a year now. Due to the lack of organ donors in Kerala for the last few years his wait had become a race against time over the last year and he was starting to lose hope. That was when the alert came for a donor match on 17th of last month.

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