Fellowship program in Breast Imaging

Last date for applying : April 06, 2020
Duration of course : 12 months (starting from June 01, 2020)
Eligibility criteria: MD or DNB in Radiodiagnosis

Breast care is a team work and is based on triple assessment. The breast surgeon, radiologist and pathologist work as a team and each case is assessed on individual basis. This is the only centre in India where the breast radiologist gives complete report based on pathological findings with further recommendations based on guidelines of ACR (American College of Radiology).

The breast imaging unit is equipped with Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis with stereotactic biopsy unit, 1.5 T MRI with 8 channel breast coil. A mobile digital mammography unit as a part of screening initiative by Rotary is also functional. We are annually performing about 4500 - 6000 Mammograms, 1000 breast ultrasounds, 400 interventional procedures and 100 breast MRI.

Services Offered:


  • Digital mammography with tomosynthesis
  • High resolution breast ultrasound study
  • MRI breast

Image-guided breast interventional services include:

  • Pre-operative mammography guided wire localisation for non-palpable suspicious masses.
  • Stereotactic guided core biopsy of suspicious calcifications seen only on mammography.
  • Specimen mammography.
  • Ultrasound guided large core biopsy of breast masses and axillary lymph nodes under local anaesthesia.
  • Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of axillary lymph nodes, cyst aspiration.
  • Pre-operative ultrasound guided wire localisation for small non palpable cancers.
  • Ultrasound or mammography guided clip placement.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of fellowship training, radiologist will be competent to:

  • Perform independently and act as a competent breast imaging consultant to clinicians in performing ultrasound, CT, MRI and various interventional procedures.
  • Perform and interpret mammography for various indications including familiarity with equipment, technical factors and various positioning techniques.
  • Perform and interpret ultrasound examinations of the breast.
  • Supervise acquisition of MRI examination and A) Assess for absolute and relative contraindications, (B) Protocol each case appropriately, (C) Supervise technical adequacy and completeness of cases at the technologist’s request.
  • Interpret MRI examination of breast.
  • Perform interventions including stereotactic and ultrasound-guided core biopsy and fine-needle aspiration, cyst aspiration; ultrasound/mammography guided hook-wire localization, ductography, etc.
  • Assess and treat patients having an anaphylactic reaction or an adverse side effect from any supervised procedure.
  • Teach residents and medical students as part of their daily assigned duties.
  • Perform and interpret examinations performed on-call.
  • Prepare and present in breast tumour board.

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