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Composite Tissue Allotransplantation

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Composite tissue allotransplant is a relatively new concept in the spectrum of allotransplantation. This includes transplant of hands,face and abdominal wall and in rare instances, tissues like penis, uterus and trachea. Out of these, hand transplants have been done more commonly. Since the last 16 years more than 100 hand transplants have been done all over the world .The  Composite Tissue Allotransplant team at Amrita performed India’s first Hand Transplant on a 30 year old male on January 13th 2015 who lost both his hands in a train accident. This was followed by our second Bilateral Hand transplant 3 months later on 10th April 2015 on an Afghan soldier who lost his arms in a landmine explosion. These transplants have been billed as a breakthrough in the field of Composite Tissue Allotransplantation in the country and is also the first  Hand transplant in the World done on coloured skin.


  • Total hand transplants done - 6
  • First hand transplant in South-east Asia
  • First male to female hand transplant in the world

Our CTA department has ambitious plans on abdominal wall transplant in association with the Gastrosurgery Transplant team along with face and tracheal transplant in future. Our CTA research program is associated with the Pittsburgh Hand Transplant group with a focus on immunomodulation.

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