Dr. Ammu Lukose

Designation :
Assistant Professor
Department :
Clinical Psychology
Qualification :
Ph.D, M.Phil, M.Sc Psychology, B.A Psychology

Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) number as Clinical Psychologist: A65293


  • Ph.D : Title of thesis: Functional neuroimaging and neuropsychological study of Prospective memory in schizophrenia, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), India
  • M.Phil :Mental Health and Social Psychology (Clinical Psychology), NIMHANS
  • M.Sc Psychology, Bangalore University
  • B.A Psychology, Government Women’s College, Trivandrum, Kerala

Domain Expertise

  • Child-parent interaction
  • Various community mental health aspects like awareness enhancement, stigma, suicide, mental health of old-age
  • Cultural adaptation of neurocognitive assessment and neuropsychological interventions
  • Maternal and infant mental health and specifically infant neurocognition
  • Story telling with psychological techniques for toddlers

Journal Articles

  • Ammu Lukose, Rahul K V, Anish V Cherian, Shrinivasa U Bhat, Santosh Prabhu, Praveen Arahanthabailu, Shishir Kumar, Aneesh Bhat, Naveen Chandra. Accessing mental health care among people with schizophrenia: data from an Indian rural psychiatric setting. Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry (Article accepted).
  • Natasha Roya Matthews, George J Porter, Mathew Varghese, Nidesh Sapkota, Murad Moosa Khan, Ammu Lukose, Stella-Maria Paddick, Malathie Dissanayake, Naila Zaman Khan, Richard Walker (2020). Health and socioeconomic resource provision for older people in South Asian countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Research Square. 10.21203/
  • Rija Rappai, Anish V Cherian, Ammu Lukose, Lakshmi Vijayakumar. Suicide research in India: An overview of four decades. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 53, October 2020, 102191.
  • Anish V Cherian, Ammu Lukose, Rija Rappai, John Vijay Sagar Kommu,Greg Amstrong. Adolescent Suicide in India: significance of public health prevention plan.
  • A Sasidharan, AK Nair, V Marigowda, A Lukose, JP John, BM Kutty (2019). Simultaneous assessment of P50, MMN, ERN and P300 event-related potentials among patients with Schizophrenia− an exploratory study. bioRxiv.
  • Nahar A, Lukose A, Garani R, Purokayastha S, Harsha KS, Sivakumar PT and Rao NP (2017). Alzheimer’s dementia: An overview. Journal of the Indian Institute of Science. ISSN: 0970-4140 Coden-JIISAD. December 2017, Volume 97, Issue 4, pp 591–602.
  • Sasidharan A, Kumar S, Nair AK, Lukose A, Marigowda V, John P John and Kutty BM (2017). Further evidences for sleep instability and impaired spindle-delta dynamics in schizophrenia: a whole-night polysomnography study with neuroloop-gain and sleep-cycle analysis. Sleep Medicine · March 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.sleep.2017.02.009.
  • Bhat S, Cherian AV, Bhat A, Chapma HJ, Lukose A, Patwardhan N, Sathyanarayanan V and Ramakrishnan J (2015). Factors affecting psychosocial well-being and quality of life among women living with HIV/AIDS. NUJHS, Vol 5, No.4, December 2015, ISSN 2249-7110.
  • John JP, Lukose A, Bagepally BS, Halahalli HN, Moily NS, Vijayakumari A and Jain S (2015). A systematic examination of brain volumetric abnormalities in schizophrenia using voxel-based, surface-based and ROI-based morphometric analyses. Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine. 14(1) · June 2015. DOI: 10.1186/s12952-015-0030-z
  • Halahalli HN, John JP, Lukose A, Jain S, Kutty BM (2014). Endogenous-cue prospective memory involving incremental updating of working memory: an fMRI study. Brain Structure and Function,2014 Aug 20. [Epub ahead of print] DOI: 10.1007/s00429-014-0877-7
  • John JP, Lukose A, Manjunath S (2014). Off-label use of memantine as adjunctive treatment in schizophrenia—A case series. Pharmacopsychiatry, DOI
  • Duggan C, Srinivasan K, Thomas T, Samuel T, Rajendran R, Muthayya S, Finkelstein JL, Lukose A, Fawzi W, Allen LH, Bosch RJ, Kurpad AV. Vitamin B-12 Supplementation during Pregnancy and Early Lactation Increases Maternal, Breast Milk, and Infant Measures of Vitamin B-12 Status. Journal of Nutrition 144(5) · March 2014. doi: 10.3945/jn.113.187278
  • Lukose A, Ramthal A, Thomas T, Bosch R, Kurpad AV, Duggan C, Srinivasan K. Nutritional Factors Associated with Antenatal Depressive Symptoms in the Early Stage of Pregnancy Among Urban South Indian Women. Matern Child Health J. 2013 Feb 26. doi: 10.1007/s10995-013-1249-2.
  • Sathyanarayanan V, Lukose A, Srinivasan K. Maternal Mental Health in Pregnancy and Child Behavior, Indian J Psychiatry. 2011 Oct; 53(4):351-61. doi: 10.4103/0019-5545.91911.
  • Ramanan S and Lukose A. Levels of Perceived Stress, Caregiver Strain, Coping Strategies and Quality of Life among Caregivers of Children with (a) Physical Disability/Disabilities and Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Comparative Study, Indian Journal of Health & Wellbeing.2011; 2(4): 846-849.

Scientific Presentations

  • Aparna Dutt, Ranita Nandi, Ammu Lukose, K Rahul (2020). The Clock Drawing Test: An examination of sociodemographic influences and normative data in a cognitively healthy elderly Bengali speaking population. INDIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY 62, S127-S127
  • Aditi Balakrishnan, Ranjini Garani Ramesh, Ammu Lukose, Rahul KV, Karen Ritchie, Naren P Rao and the TLSA Investigators. Comparison of cognitive functioning as measured by the COGNITO battery and paper-pencil tests in an Indian Longitudinal study on Urban elderly. Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® (AAIC®), 14-18 July 2019, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Ammu Lukose, Rahul K V, Mino Susan Joseph, Girish N Rao, P T Sivakumar, Karen Ritchie, Naren P Rao and SANSCOG investigators. Cross-cultural adaption of the Computerized Assessment of Information Processing battery (COGNITO) for an Indian longitudinal study on rural elderly: An elucidation of the adaptation process. Satellite Symposium, 18-19 December 2018, Bengaluru, India
  • Nithin Ambekar, Ammu Lukose , Anupa A Vijayakumari, Himanshu Joshi, Sowmya Madhavadas, Sarada Subrmanian, John P. John. An exploratory study of the link between white matter integrity and serum S100b, A peripheral biomarker of neuronal integrity in Schizophrenia. 7th International Conference on Schizophrenia (IConS), 8th – 10th September 2016, Chennai, India.
  • Arun Sasidharan, Ajay Kumar Nair, Ammu Lukose, John P. John and Bindhu M Kutty. Patients with recent-onset Schizophrenia show aberrant brain dynamics during gestalt perception and corollary discharge mechanism as a marker of dysfunctional ‘predictive error’. International Conference on “Neurodegenerative Diseases: Pathogenesis to Therapy”, November 16-18, 2015, Center for Brain Research, IISc, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  • Ammu Lukose; Harsha N. Halahalli; Nithin Ambekar; Arun Sasidharan; Devvarta Kumar, Arun Kumar Gupta, John P. John. ‘Correlates and Predictors of Endogenous-Cue Prospective Memory in Schizophrenia’. 43rd Annual meeting of International Neuropsychological Society, 4-7 February, 2015, Denver, Colorado, USA.
  • Anupa A V, Priyadarshini T, Ammu Lukose, Vikram Arunachalam, Jitender Saini, Sanjeev Jain, Bindu M Kutty and John P John. Exploration of the Effect of Demographic and Clinical Confounding Variables on Results of Voxel-based Morphometric analysis in Schizophrenia. Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Systems (ICAEES 2014), April 22-23, 2014, Noorul Islam University, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu.
  • Asha Ramthal, Tinku Thomas, Ammu Lukose, Ramya Shiny,Ronald Bosch, Anura Kurpad, Christopher Duggan, Krishnamachari Srinivasan.Risk factors for depression in pregnant urban South Indian women. Experimental biology 2011,April 9-13, 2011, Washington DC, USA.
  • Shobita R, Ammu Lukose. Perceived stress, coping skills, quality of life and job satisfaction: A comparative study between secondary and college teachers. National conference on revisiting the world of work: the interface of psychology and human resource development, 25- 26th February, 2011, Bangalore, India
  • Ammu Lukose, Keshav Kumar, Dhananjaya Bhatt, Jerry Mathew Elias Kovoor. Neuropsychological correlates of decision making in frontal lobe lesion patients. 39th Annual meeting of International Neuropsychological Society, 2-5 February, 2011, Boston, USA.
  • Ammu Lukose, Anish V Cherian, Shrinivasa Bhat, Shyne K.J, Janardhanan. Women living with HIV: psychosocial issues. International Conference on Women Mental Health, 28-30 October 2010, Mangalore, India
  • Anish Cherian, Ammu Lukose, 2009. Children Living with HIV and Human Rights. World Congress of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 12-15 November 2009, Bangalore, India.

Conference proceedings

Anupa A V, Priyadarshini T, Ammu Lukose, Vikram Arunachalam, Jitender Saini, Sanjeev Jain,Bindu M Kutty and John P John. Exploration of the Effect of Demographic and Clinical Confounding Variables on Results of Voxel-based Morphometric analysis in Schizophrenia. Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Systems. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volume 324, 2015, pp 139-149. Proceedings of ICAEES 2014

Reviewer For Scientific Journals

  • Schizophrenia Research
  • Asian Journal of Psychiatry
  • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC)

PhD thesis of Manipal Academy of Higher Education

  • ‘A novel neurocognitive therapeutic model for Alzheimer’s: A study using EEG-ERP, neurofeedback and computerized cognitive retraining’ by Ms. Mohini Vijay, registred under Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Jan 2020-onwards
  • Representation of Semantic Memory and language in the Multilingual Brain: Evidence from Semantic Dementia. Ms. Jwala Narayanan. Jan 2021-onwards

Academic/public engagement talks

  • 29th June 2021: ‘Positive parenting in the midst of pandemic’, Mann Matters, Mental Health Action Trust (MHAT), Calicut, Kerala.
  • 27th February 2021: ‘Online awareness class on Positive Parenting’, Technical High School Palakkad, Kerala.
  • 07th February 2019: ‘Cross-cultural adaptation of cognitive battery’. Cognition, Affect and Behaviour Lab (CABLAB). Christ University, Bangalore.
  • 20th December 2014: ‘Cognitive and neural correlates of prospective memory: special relevance to schizophrenia’. Brain meeting, Bangalore.
  • 5th December, 2014: ‘Cognitive and neural correlates of prospective memory: special relevance to schizophrenia’. For the 1st year MSc Clinical Psychology students, Christ University, Bangalore.
  • 13th May, 2011: On “Brain and Behavior” at the summer camp organized for school students by Kerala State Science and Technology Museum, Kerala, India.

Research Guidance

MSc Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Human Resource Development student’s thesis guidance at Christ University Bangalore

Positions Held

  • February 2021- June 2021: Guest Lecturer, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum, India.
  • June 2019- February 2021: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH), Mangalore, India-575006.
  • June 2017- May 2019: Neuropsychology Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Brain Research (CBR), Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bangalore.
  • February 2015- October 2016: Lecturer/Clinical Psychologist, Department of Psychiatry, K. S. Hegde Medical Academy (KSHEMA), NITTE University, Mangalore, India. (was predominantly on maternity leave)
  • August 2011- January 2015: Junior Research Fellow Leading to PhD, DST funded project titled “A multi-modal imaging-genomics approach to investigating the link between impaired word generation and aberrant glutamatergic function in schizophrenia” (DST/CSI/JPJ/043; PI: Dr. John P. John), NIMHANS.
  • July 2010- August 2011:Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Christ University, Bangalore, India
    • Post-graduate and under-graduate teaching and thesis/project-work supervision
  • March 2011- August 2011: Bayley Scale of Infant and Toddler Development- 3rd edition (BSID- III) trainer, Pearson India.
  • April 2011- August 2011: Freelance clinical practice, Bangalore, India.
  • June 2009 to June 2010:Senior Research Fellow, St. John’s Research Institute, St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India
    • Responsible for the execution of the research projects:
    • Effects of maternal Vitamin B12 on birth outcome – Principal investigator: Dr. Christopher Duggan, Harvard University
    • Effect of iron supplementation on neurocognitive development among children – Principal investigator: Dr. Anura Kurupad, St. John’s Research Institute
  • January 2007 to February 2007: Guest Lecturer, Union Christian College, Alwaye, Kerala
  • October 2006 to February 2007:Part-time Lecturer, Balavikas Teacher’s training Institute, Trivandrum, Kerala

Papers Taught

  • Christ University, Bangalore: Research methodology, Introduction to Clinical Psychology, Biological Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Practical.
  • Loyola: Family Counselling, Fundamentals of counselling, Foundations of Psychology, Abnormal Psychology

Fieldwork Supervision

Christ University: MSc Counselling Psychology: Counselling session; MSc Clinical Psychology: Internship coordinator

Membership in Academic Bodies

Karnataka Association for Clinical Psychologists: Life time membership

Trainings Attended

  • Journey into an Infant’s World: Masterclass on Infant Mental Health organized by Perinatal Psychiatry Services, Department of Psychiatry & Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, India August 10th 2019.
  • DemReCon 2019 - Dementia Research Symposium organized by Nightingales Medical Trust, Bangalore, India, September 14th 2019.
  • Training on MATLAB R2012a & SIMULINK, Organized by Department of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS and Core EL technologies, 16th- 17th August 2012, NIMHANS, Bangalore, India.

Research Projects

British Council South Asia Small-Scale Research Project Scheme £5,000 awarded August 2019. Characterising the mental health needs of older people in South Asia. A capacity building collaboration between the UK, India and Nepal. Early career researchers: Dr. S-M Paddick (UK) and Dr. Ammu Lukose (India); Supervisors (Profs): Richard Walker (UK), Nidesh Sapkota (Nepal), Mathew Varghese (India).

Awards and Achievements

  • Fellowship by British Council and Bangor University to attend Researcher Connect workshop organized by British Council and Bangor University-UK at Istanbul, Turkey 7th – 9th March 2019.
  • Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) travel award for attending and presenting a poster titled ‘Correlates and Predictors of Endogenous-Cue Prospective Memory in Schizophrenia’ at the 43rd annual meeting of International Neuropsychological Society (INS) – 2015, Denver, Colorado, USA.
  • International Fellowship for 2012-2013 by the Division of Neuropsychology and the British Neuropsychological Society
  • Dwarkanath Kapur Scholarship to attend the Cognitive Rehabilitation Conference in Kolkotta in March 2013
  • Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) travel award for attending and presenting a poster titled ‘Neuropsychological correlates of decision making in frontal lobe lesion patients’ the 39th annual meeting of International Neuropsychological Society (INS) – 2011, Boston, USA.
  • University of Kent International Scholarship for Postgraduate Students, 2010 - Not yet availed
  • Registration fee waiver grant from Catedra Fundación Instituto Valenciano De Neurorrehabilitación to attend the International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation: From Basics to Future, 2009 – Not availed
  • Post graduate fellowship from NIMHANS to pursue M.Phil in Mental Health and Social Psychology at NIMHANS – 2007
  • Gold Medalist from Bangalore University for specialization in Child Psychology – 2006
  • First Rank holder in B.A Psychology and second highest B.A score of the year from University of Kerala – 2004
  • UGC Merit Scholarship (2005) for Post Graduate Studies. (
  • Vidyadi Raja Chattambi Swamikal Cultural and Youth Club Annual Award for Academic Merit – 2004
  • C.V Annamma and C.T Kuriakose Memorial Thekkan Family Award for Academic Merit – 1998

Professional Certification and Training

  • Advanced Child Counselling by Emojar, 2021
  • Faculty development programme on Academic writing at the Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum by M/s SkillSkapes Private Limited, IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai- 2021
  • "Protecting Human Research Participants" certificate by The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research, USA.
  • Bangalore–Boston Nutrition Collaborative Short Course: Harvard University, Tufts University and St. John’s Research Institute, India – 2010
  • Bayley’s Scale of Infant and Toddler Development (III) Training Program: St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore and Harvard University – 2009
  • Career Orientation Training Programme: Centre for Psychological Counseling, Department of Psychology, Bangalore University – 2006

Public engagement

Organizational Skills

  • Indian representative of International Neuropsychological Society- Student Liaison Committee (SLC) 2013.
  • Organizer, Annual Children’s Camp held in Kerala State with the motto “Let us become the best sons of the soil”.
  • President, Psychology Society (2005-2006), Department of Psychology, Bangalore University
  • Secretary (2000-2003), ‘Prachodana’ a social and cultural organization, Women’s college, Trivandrum
  • Elected School Leader (1997-1998): Cotton Hill Girls High School (Asia’s largest school), Trivandrum