Amrita Hospital in the Media

Recurrent Ovarian Cancer treated Successfully with Robotic Surgery at Amrita Hospital

Amrita Annual Pathology Update 2017 Held

Tribal boy gets his face back as surgeons remove fist-sized ball of brain matter hanging from nose

Lend Me a Hand

Organ donation and transplants - the need for transparent approach and positive approach

Diphtheria vaccination rate to be made 100 percent at the district level

Carbon Dioxide Insufflation Procedure Available at Amrita Hospital

Amrita Hospital to Collaborate with BBCI

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences to Provide Advanced Medical Care to Bangladesh Armed Forces

Amrita Hospital Conducts Asia’s First Robotic Assisted DBS Implantation for Parkinson's Disease

Robotic surgery gets pin out of priest's lung

World TB Day 2017 Observed

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